Packed And Delivered

Let the holiday begin. Actually, I’ve been saying that since the day contract job ended, three weeks ago but that is another story and this blog is about the family holiday from June 17 to July 14 2012. I may even be able to wrangle, bribe or “whatever” (said with childhood angst tone) Damien (Mr10 turning 11) or Matty (Mr7) to write a post.

Blog posting you see, is in the blood. You have found my blog but Nigel the hubby will be posting photos and not just family snaps at and Ann my SIL has been writing about her holiday UK, Ireland and Europe with the in-laws in We are meeting up you see, in Paris.

Anyway, I am a list maker from way back and Nigel and I thought we were doing well having the contents of our bags in piles a day before we leave. Sure it would be a squeeze but heck that is what we also do from way back, overpack. Don’t worry no kids were hurt during the packing of the children…erm bags.

I expected that night to wake on the hour every hour but was pleasantly surprised, it never happened. Instead I woke at 1am and stayed awake for two hours doing a mental additional pack/dreaming state useless things to take with us. You know, packing a dog’s hair brush. Seriously! My good sleep before flying to Europe was doomed as hunger set in at 3am.

Our late evening flight the next day was a positive the so we had heaps of time to finalise packing and make the house ready for the house sitters. I may have, perhaps, possibly, could have done a bit more house readiness than needed but I won’t admit that to Nigel. It needed to be done. Shhhh don’t tell him. OMG we left for the airport on time which was pretty amazing given that Basil (our dog) escaped twice in the morning. It’s ok the hamster was saved five doors up. Popular destination for a dog that’s always hungry.

Flights with kids get better with their years. That is they are older and did not get bored with so much screen time at their finger tips. Oh and those of you without kids please note, if a small boy is running full pelt down the isle to the toilet it means he has left it to the last second, so don’t look at him & then rush into the only toilet free before him. LET HIM GO BEFORE YOU!

So we are now in Paris. Pinch myself, we are on holiday. Just don’t ask about the missing bag containing Nigel’s laptop & iPad.

P.S not sure I’d want to drink a ‘Pocari Sweat’ soft drink.

Kids packed

Note no kids were hurt during the packing


8 responses to “Packed And Delivered

  1. Very impressed you managed to blog today, what with a headcold, looong flights and the missing bag – and a horde of rellies to cope with. Makes my blog look seriously out of date!

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