Paris Camembert is different

We left Paris for Cuba today and I am already having withdrawals for French Camembert & baguettes. It’s not just me either, I noticed the the Kids gravitated to the Camembert on our in flight lunch & spread it over their rolls rather than the butter.

I thought I’d write about fresh produce in Paris. Not that I am some gastrocook extraordinaire I just wanted to write about the freshness we enjoyed. I know a few of you love your food too. We had an apartment in Paris so we purchased mostly fresh local food from the market stalls close by. We found shops dedicated to cheese, chocolate (which we love) and lots of fresh fruit/veg produce.

To the cheese. I think there are some notable differences with the Camembert cheese in France. It tastes different. It is more creamy, soft and smooth to the taste. There is a huge range (of course, I hear you say) & it isn’t expensive like home. Sigh, I might have to move to Europe. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to try all the varieties, don’t fear we have a short stop-over on the way home.

When we decided to come overseas I was excited to be coming over in a European summer because that meant stone fruits would be in season. The last time I was in Italy (pregnant with Matty) I gorged myself on apricots, nectarines, cherries & plumbs. At the time I thought they tasted different to home. Then I thought perhaps my pregnant hormones where playing tricks, it couldn’t be that good. But the stone fruit was more juicy and rich in flavour. You’d eat one & have to eat another just to double check that last piece was that good. Australian produce growers what are you doing with our fresh food? I’ve been saying that about our tomatoes for years & I felt our stone fruit season this year just didn’t have the full taste as I expected. I can see why farmers markets have become so popular in Australia. I just have to forgo my Sunday sleep-ins & visit the Newcastle markets more often.

I wonder what food awaits us in Cuba. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Many poor but some of new & promising enterprises. Open minds I tell the kids is what we have to have. But really I am reminding myself to be open minded & acknowledge camembert will not be there. Bon appetite & salud.








11 responses to “Paris Camembert is different

  1. I have looked & looked, asked cheese makers in our local growers market. Unpasteurised products are illegal in Australia. 😦

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  3. Yes Crin, you are absolutely right! The cheese is different! Some of my foodie friends tell me it’s because the French use raw milk to make soft cheese, ie unpasteurised milk. This is illegal in Australia and raw milk cheese is prohibited from import. Apparently there are health risks, blah blah. Anyhow, enjoy while you can! As for me, I found a Jindi triple cream Brie in our supermarket last week and did a happy dance! Yummo!

  4. When Dad made up rolls with the left over cheeses for us to take on the train he put camembert AND thick slices of blue in one. Ugh!!! That went straight in the bin.

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