As a kid I always thought I’d be off on some adventurous travel every second year. Well, I haven’t been that fortunate. Then the kids came. Our last family overseas holiday was in Thailand in 2007. I blogged about that journey at Get Jealous.

So in 2009 we decided we’d go to Cuba one day. The savings started. This blog details our family holiday to Cuba via Paris in June-July 2012. I was able to write & upload photos during our holiday. But due to little…ok no internet access in Cuba, some of the latter posts on our return to Australia just took me a while to compile. Life gets busy.

A question I get asked a lot is why Cuba?

But it’s asked in different ways. To translated what they are really asking:

  1. Why the hell would anyone want to go there. It’s communist you know.
  2. It’s not the Gold Coast wouldn’t you want to relax in a resort instead?
  3. They don’t have modern services & luxuries. They may not have Internet access. How would you survive without Twitter & Facebook?

Yep, these people don’t get it. I am so glad I am not traveling with them. I find even if I explain it’s the culture, the history, the people, the music & the vibe we want to see, they don’t understand.

Happy to say though, there are people we have told who smile & say they’d love to go. Or they are jealous. We don’t need to explain ‘the why’. THEY GET IT. They are our type of traveler.

Oh and Paris you ask, that’s a stop over on the way 🙂

How to read this blog

To read my travel blog click on ‘Blog‘ in the navigation on the left. To read the research I’ve done in holiday preparation click on any of the other categories in the navigation. I haven’t documented the research on Paris here as I’ve been to Paris more than once before. Plus it’s well documented in multiple travel guides & websites.

6 responses to “About

  1. Linda went to Cuba about a year ago. She loved it. Had a ball. Found the food really bland though. Her friend who was a busty blonde almost caused a riot. She said it was definitely the place for a widows tour 🙂

  2. I haven’t been able to use hotspots over here because Roaming Sim, the company I bought my international sim from, don’t support it. Maybe check with your provider in advance? I’ve also had trouble connecting my iPad to several wifi networks which my laptop picked up. Not sure why.

  3. I understand you rationale, but do wonder how you’ll copy without internet access. I caved and bought a dongle; would one work in Cuba?

    • In Paris we had planned to use free wifi (if we find it) else personal hotspot from the phone. In Cuba, well, we might not have a lot of access, so I’ll just make do with personal hotspot.

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