Fortified Cuba

Nothing prepared me for the truth that our Australian ancestors the English, were the baddies on the high seas in the 1600s. I have to say, it did feel really weird being on the ‘other side’ in a foreign country.

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Our Kids in Cuba

I felt chuffed when Cubans made a fuss of our kids on holiday in Cuba. Normally older Cubans would pat Matthew our 7yr son’s head and say “He is so cute” or “How wonderful you have brought your family to Cuba”. My Spanish is zilch so I can only guess and hope they made such comments. Given that they were smiling at us I assume it was something positive.

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Buildings of Cuba

Now let me get this out. I don’t profess to be architect, an engineer or any expert on buildings or construction. I am someone who just loves to see architecture with character & soul. I’m not into slap dash buildings for the sake of speedy construction. Here is my take on the architecture I found in Cuba.

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